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1663 Survival Games Rules

The games take place annually on the last Saturday of October.

Rules and policy

This isn’t IDPA, this isn’t USPSA, and this isn’t IPSC this is the 1663 Games also known as the 1663 Survival Tactical Games. Where steel plates, firearms, critical thinking, first aid, physical fitness all meet on 450 acres.

We are so happy that will participate in the 163 Games also known as the 1663 Survival Tactical Games. So, what can you expect that makes us different you might ask? Well, that’s just it we’re not going to tell you. What we will tell you is the 1663 Games is an invite only event, that takes place on 450 acres of privately own land. The event tests each participates tactical, survival, fitness and first aid IQ through a wide range the most stressful of scenarios our team of retired United States combat veterans, firearms instructors and retired medal professionals can throw at you.

Official 1663 regulations and rules, please keep Judges are allowed to alter procedures and guidelines as needed after all it is called the 1663 Games.

All participates may make an official challenge to any decision made by judge.

You won’t know what the course looks like until you arrive.

Where is the fun in knowing the layout of the course in advance, how the terrain can be traversed? Is it woody, open, flat, rocky, marsh or maybe it’s a combination of all those things mentioned I don’t know? What I can tell you is you had better be in good shape for this event. There have been many men and women have attempted to compete in the 1663 Games assuming it would be a similar to an IDPA, USPSA or IPSC match only to be emotionally and physically drained within 15 minutes into the event. All participates are expected to do a walk though of the course once you arrive.


The 1663 Games rules:

You are encouraged to pay close attention to all policies set by the rules committee written or verbal.

 It is each individual’s obligation to read and comprehend all written and verbal instructions set forth by Team 1663 officials and staff. Any person or team not following rules or guidelines can be terminated from a potion of the games or the entire game as the judges see fit.



You may use ether brass or steel ammo, use of any green tip, tracer ammunition is not permitted any customized ammunition that uses any exotic primers, powders are prohibited also armor piercing ammunition may not be used.

Only the following class of handgun and rife ammunition maybe used.

.308ACP, 9MM, 357SIG, .40S&W, 10MM, .45ACP,22LR, 223/556, 380, 7.62×39, 30-06, 00 Buck Slugs



Actually, we don’t care and here is why, our team of Judges have determined using “Iron Sights vs Optics” does not give one team or person any more competitive advantage over another considering the layout of the terrain and what is required of you to preform, remember being a good shooter will only get you so far in the 1663 Games.

State and Federal Law

While we are governed by Georgia state firearms law, please consult your reciprocity gun laws before transporting firearms across state lines understand that it falls under the National Firearms Act.


Don’t leave home without one of these kits, each team is expected to have one person on the ready with a kit if you are participating as an individual, you are still expected to have a first aid kit.

What to wear and bring

You’ll need to dress for the season and the weather, remember you are competing in the rural south in Georgia, so dress for your environment wear blue jeans or tactical pants, boots, or boot like shoes, we do not recommend you run this course in tennis shoes; unless they are specifically designed for outdoor terrain. You should bring at least one long sleeve shirt, jacket and gloves. If the judges determined that your clothing is inappropriate for the event you will be asked to change. Which bring us to this, you may not wear any branding that conveys racist and offensive explicit symbols.

No alcohol Allowed on the premises before, during or after the games is not allowed, so please do not bring any types of regulated or unregulated alcohol beverages.

Behavior Team 1663 audience and contributors will conduct themselves in the utmost sportsmanlike manner, anyone that is found to be in violation will be terminated from the games.

Safety violations means No refunds

You will be disqualified for any safety violations discovered, you will not be eligible to receive any prizes or awards, not entry fee will be refunded and you will be asked to leave the property.

Unsportsmanlike conduct means disqualification.

Means no cheating, no altering any thing on the property, lying to a judge or any official, altering your firearms during the game without consulting a judge, verbal or physical assault towards anyone, indifference towards the rules,

As with all Team 1663 Games in the past any instructions, policy that are not mention will be clearly determined by our judges and other officials.

Range Safety

Magazine capacity is limited to 32 rounds.

All firearms will remain unloaded and or holstered until instructed otherwise by a judge.

Your firearm is to be on safe at all times until you enter the range and are told to engage.

Your firearm may not be loaded in the range safe area.

Firearms may be transported to, from and between stages only if unloaded, cased, in a holster

If you sweep your muzzle during any event, you will be disqualified.

Your rifle should be in its bag or secured in a rifle case if not being used, also a rifle chamber flag should in the muzzle tip.

The judges will be using magnets provided by to check all ammo at random and will disqualify anyone found to have violated this policy.

If you cause an accidental or negligent discharge the portion of the event shall be stopped and you will be asked to leave.

 Any unsafe firearm handling and you will be disqualified that includes an unsafe abandoned firearm.

Judges may examine your rifles and pistols at any time.

If you unload your firearm in any unsafe manner, you will be disqualified.

If you a caught using the follow ammo you will be asked disqualified, steel jacketed, armor piercing, incendiary.

All firearms shall be used in semi-auto mode.


All teams are vetted ahead of the games to ensure skill level and fitness meets our requirements. Submitting the virtual form and paying the entry fee does not ensure you a spot. Team 1663 reserves the right to reject your team and fully refund your money within 24 hours should your team not meet our skill level and fitness policy. We reserve the right to reject your team and fully refund your money within 24 hours if your team captain misses any of the three virtual video briefings that are held.