Our Mission Statement

Team 1663 primary mission brings together wide-ranging firearm enthusiasts to compete yearly in the 1663 Games, which is the only 5-member survival tactical squad game of its kind in the United States. Dedicated test the intermediate and advanced firearm enthusiasts firearms skill level through a diverse wide range of scenarios and the three A’s, Acuteness, Acuity, and Acumen.


TEAM 1663


Team 1663, LLC is unapologetically obsessive in our support of the Second Amendment. We sell Team1663 “Don’t Kneel on Me” swag and merchandise, we also connect you with some of the best certified firearms instructors, certified advance medical trainers and survival specialists in the country. Looking for ammo or a firearm, don’t worry we have a pipeline of preferred firearms dealers that with certified gunsmiths on duty.

So, the question we get asked most is what is 1663 and what does the alligator mean, well on September 1, 1663 British Colonial America, a group of African Slaves, staged what would come to be known as The Gloucester County Conspiracy. The revolt would be put down but, the spirit of this revolt would lead to over 220 other U.S slave revolts throughout the United States of America. These slave revolts would be one of many events that would create a path that would eventually lead to the U.S. Civil War and emancipation.

So, what speaks to the spirt of those many revolts, we thought long and hard and came up with a concept that addresses the many diverse persons that are now part of the 2nd Amendment movement. Attending firearms shows we would see 2nd Amendment products being sold next to some of the most antithetical types of merchandise imaginable. I would frequently call these types of persons and their school of thought frogs. The term frog comes from their adoption of Pepe the frog as second amendment symbol which it most certainly is not so I ran with it and team 1663 is born. Team 1663 swag isn’t not meant to replace any particular symbol but to offer an alternative to those that wish to show support for the second amendment lifestyle while affirming their support for freedom, equality, justice, and fairness under the law.

Why the American alligator, the Native Americans view what we consider this apex predator a spirit animal that represents power, strength, intelligence. The creature is thirty-seven million years old. Some Native American groups believe the alligator uses its power to protect hidden knowledge in rivers and lakes from those unworthy.


You notice the alligator on all Team 1663 merchandise the alligator has 23 teeth, “go ahead count them,” the two represents the second amendment, and the three represents Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Ida B. Wells, and Robert F. Williams three well-known second amendment proponents. The left foot extended with five claws represent the five basic firearms safety rules, the eye situational awareness. The right foot with its claws is concealed until ready to strike with the left foot and claws.


Always remember alligators eat frogs. 

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